Robot Wars - Java Style

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Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 07:12:25 MST,,12230_941681,00.
Robocode is a new twist on programming games such as CoreWars, RobotWars, and
Robot Battle. It's like Logo, but with tanks, guns, and explosions instead of
penup and pendown... and it's all in Java(tm).

The framework is simple: Robocode exposes a set of APIs you can call to
interact with the game. In short, you write a Java class extending
robocode.Robot... then by calling methods in the superclass, your actions take
effect in the onscreen battlefield.

There are already hundreds of robots to test your skills against at websites
linked from -- and you can
safely run them in Robocode with its built in SecurityManager.

Upcoming Robocode features include: Team support with messaging, walls and
objects in the battlefield, terrain, tutorials and objectives to complete...
plus whatever else you help us dream up.

Robocode is available at:

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