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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 18:37:30 MST

> Thus spake Spike Jones <>:
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> |One example you bring up, Samantha is the presence of American
> |troops in Saudi Arabia causing Muslim hatred towards us, since
> |Mohammed said on his deathbed to never allow the infidel there.
> KPJ wrote: Cannot U.S. muster enough Moslem (non-"infidel") troops?
> "Are you Moslem? Become a member of U.S. forces and see Saudi-Arabia!"

Cool, good lateral thinking KPJ! Actually I think we already
have a number of Muslims in US uniform. I heard in WW2,
they would ask every soldier his faith. The only choices were
Catholic, Protestant or Jewish. If one said atheist he was told:
Son there aint no atheists in foxholes, now pick one.

Dont know if that story is true, but I did hear they now have
other categories, presumably Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.
Anyone know? Mike, did they ask?

Regarding the notion of ridding the Muslim holy land of all
infidels, however, I would urge those who desire such a
thing to immediately build a high wall around the entire
region they consider sacred, like the Vatican and
the Chinese Forbidden City. Then if any infidel owns
property in that area, she would need to be bought out
at fair market value. Part of the reason the US has
troops in Saudi is to protect American property there. We
have a lot of it, legitimately purchased.

Then, seems to me they could set aside reservations within
the walled sacred nation for the infidel to live, should she have
legitimate business interests there. These reservations would
have their own separate legal and financial infrastructure. All
the rules of international business would apply there, such as
investing money for profit, etc. These reservations would
be placed on otherwise worthless property, utterly devoid
of natural resources. They would serve as sanctuaries of
sorts, for those who are born in the sacred lands but for
whatever reason, find themselves unable to believe, or
who convert to other faiths, etc. The government of
the reservation would be minimal, with every possible
freedom granted, and little if any welfare offered.

With such a system we would see if the middle east
fails to prosper because Israel is somehow robbing
all its neighbors. Or alternately we might see that the
reservations are wildly prosperous, the people well
educated, busy and happy.

Of course, then they would need to be destroyed
and plundered, but you see the point of my flight of
fancy. spike

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