From: Andy Toth (
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 17:35:16 MST

2 days ago i came across the buckminster fuller world projection for the
first time. i was in the projection-closet. i think it is the way to go
(in terms of the new map reality, or exhaustion of land protocol, or for a
quick/long depolitical gander) after viewing numerous polar, euro, nord,
fast-food-distribution centric maps. it is a map that is "non-aquatic
livable space oriented" emph. the relationship between the entire earth
landmass. he wants us to focus on the land, and realize that it is an
entity to be processed macro and micro. the projection is remniscient of
3rd grade polyhedron construction; it gives it its 'when everything was
salient', this-is-new look.

once i was on a greek ship and i saw a decorative map with a north and south
america 4 times their actual size and it extended trapezoidally to the end
(corners) of the "flat" earth contiguously; great job stupid cartographers.

a toth

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