Re: Fwd: The Geek Syndrome

From: Bob Arctor (
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 10:23:47 MST

On Monday 17 December 2001 11:17, wetware bot curious recieved:
> At 05:49 PM 12/17/01 +0800, Eric wrote:
> >> I think it was Eric who mentioned that Dr Allan Snyder is
> >> also autistic.
> Cf.:
> >I don't quite recall saying anything about Dr Allan
> Oops, sorry, actually it was a post from Bob Arctor
> <>
i even replied :-) meme<>meme, not caring about to who you
talk... :P (i am tired fighting with old intel machines, i
found many bugs, and found out all will work slower than i
thought before (nah, technological development of wireless
networking is still too slow, prices're too high, i am still
stuck with phucked modem, and stting in my room pressing keys)

> `Bob Arctor', BTW, was the psychologically split nark
> protagonist in Phil Dick's 1977 novel A SCANNER DARKLY. Is
> this a Hint, `Bob'?

indeed :-) idea for this nick came when wondered about
homogenous work of internet, and autosopher (adress means
information), so if i write e-mail as a junkie, the non-drugged
part of me (internet) is :
1) dressed in interferencing suit (noone can really see who
BobArctor is)
2) is a cop - is monitoring all my moves (logging)
3) this a mentally split (one halve is on wetware, other on
4) Fred don't know what Bob is doing, but Bob is following Fred
while not understanding that Fred is indeed also a Bob

rather there are no coincidences in lifestyle (altrough i
(rarely) sit on #drugstore on ircnet and chat with junkies on
#hyperreal (altrough they don't trip nowadays))
i just had to name this computer somehow.


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