Re: some U.S. observations and notes

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 15:14:48 MST

Kai Becker wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2001 05:32 schrieb Samantha Atkins:
> > > IMO, removing the cause for the "the big bad boys will always steal us
> > > everything we build" meme will be an important part of that game.
> >
> > Who will steal when there is such abundance within reach of all?
> Those who are never satisfied with what they have, even if it's more than
> they can ever consume. Unfortunately this is the basic principle of
> capitalistic business: Make more money for the shareholders. I wonder if
> "always go for win-win" will work as a premise in world-wide business.

The above is a psychological/emotional/spiritual problem. But
that is much different to deal with than simply not having
sufficient and seeing others with much more than you can ever
dream of.

> But yes, I agree, availability to all is a key feature. I think this will
> make patent lawyers very unhappy.

Hopefully, they will be happy to find something different to do,
especially if they have all that time to do so without worrying
about going homeless.

- samantha

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