Re: some U.S. observations and notes

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 14:11:59 MST

> > Spike Jones wrote:
> >...god help the bullies, for we will stop them if we can. We can.

Speaking of memesets, there was a rather fortunate
meme inserted among OBL's memeset that was repeated
often by him and the other clerics. They kept saying
"...if allah is with us, then the jihad will succeed."

Well, clearly, it didn't. The jihad was an ignominious
failure, the al-qaida is cowering in caves after failing
to slay even a single US soldier in battle, while losing
appalling numbers of their own. Where was allah? Even
the densest Islamic militant must now conclude that allah
wasn't with them on this, and that furthermore, next time
allah calls them to jihad, it might turn out just as bad, likely
faaaar worse, for the infidels will be more prepared.

Many of us have concluded that this war will not end
terrorism, but let's wait and watch and try a little of that
practical optimism. This tragedy just *might* discourage
terrorism. spike

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