Re: some U.S. observations and notes

Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 20:20:20 MST

Seems reasonable, depending on one's perspective. It's like choosing a means
to earn a living, one tends to pursue that which is most bearable, rather
then least tolerable. I knew a Swedish women who lived in the US and so
leftist, she couldn't abide Reagan's America, so she went home to Sweden with
her Anerican born husband and children. I liked her as a person, but thought
(and still think) that her worldview was whacked.

I still don't disagree with your decision, simply because Europe seems to be
a great place for academics and research-right up your alley. I remember
reading about a brilliant, British mathematician, in one of the early issues
of Discover magazine, who was doing valuable work in massively, multiple,
mathematical dimensions. The fellow had spent several years at MIT, and was
so ruffled by the "American militarist mind-set" that he relocated to New
Zealand, "a nuclear-free zone." I bet it was the right move for him anyway.
He could also 'roll' his tongue into a clover-leaf pattern, which is
apparently, quite rare. Europe is good.

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