EXI: What can we do for you?

From: Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 00:54:48 MST


A number of extropians have come together to pursue an unprecedented
reworking and rejuvenation of Extropy Institute. We are improving
organizational structure, improving processes to encourage progress in
numerous projects, and opening up to wider involvement.

This message and survey is an attempt to serve you, fellow transhumanists,
better. Our community would benefit from a more vigorous, resource-rich,
and active Extropy Institute. We would like to know what prevents many of
you from getting involved. "Involved" can mean becoming a member and/or
contributing financially to the survival and growth of ExI, or contributing
talent and energy to furthering one of ExI's projects. (Many of these were
listed in the issue of Exponent that went out last Sunday.)

If you are already a member or if you already contribute financially or
with skills, please take the questions as asking what would spur you to do
even more.

Q U E S T I O N S:

-- If you have not become a full member of Extropy Institute or contributed
in some other significant way, what would spur you to want to do this?

-- Does Extropy Institute do anything that discourages you from joining and

-- What does Extropy Institute not do, to your knowledge, that you think
would be valuable to the extropian transhumanist community and which would
induce you to join and contribute?

-- What does Extropy Institute do that you find worthwhile, but which you
think could be done much better? (Bonus question: Do you have ideas about
*how* it could be done better?)

-- If you really *do* want to join or contribute in some way, but haven't
gotten around to it, what is holding you back?

Please send your responses to me at <max@maxmore.com>

I will share the results with the Extropians list (without names, unless
you ask that your name be mentioned with your views) if or when enough
responses are in.

Be direct, bold, and hold nothing back. The goal is to elicit productive
feedback so we can continue to improve Extropy Institute.

(If anyone has critical comments that are specifically about me and would
rather I not get them, please send them to E. Shaun and he will pass them
on minus the names. I will not ask!)

This is a vital time for ExI to function as a healthy, vigorous, and
influential organization. The rate of technological change continues to
accelerate. The forces of conservatism, resistance and regulation are also
growing. Issues requiring carefully thought out transhumanist positions and
responses, dealing with potential problems and resistance are increasingly
thrusting their way into public discussion. We need you! Tell us how to
please you.


Max More

Max More, Ph.D.
max@maxmore.com or more@extropy.org
Strategic Philosopher
President, Extropy Institute. http://www.extropy.org <more@extropy.org>

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