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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 00:47:17 MST

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> > I would hope that most list members find much more productive things to
> > discuss than various forms of insults.
> (1) Humor is important, and ridicule can be an effective communication
> technique, especially in a medium such as this, where the person with
> whom you are directly responding is not the audience of your speech.
> (2) Probably the majority of what people find "offensive" was not
> intended to be by the speaker, merely misinterpreted as such by the
> listener. People /are/ often offended by simple honesty.

The krap that I was the target of when I expressed unpopular
views on this list (for one) was most certainly intended to be
offensive. I am really running out of patience for this
over-intellectualizing ignoring of the obvious and the refusal
to say what sort of communication is and is not acceptable and
live by it. What I received and what I have seen others receive
is not acceptable to me. Some of what I myself have said when I
have lost my patience with certain individuals is also not
acceptable to me. I will not be party to it by doing it myself
nor will I excuse, ignore or condone it when others do it.

- samantha

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