From: Neil Blanch (neilb@nswcc.org.au)
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 00:24:20 MST

Must admit that, while I love the work of fellow Aussie Greg Egan,
"Illuminatus!" literally changed my life & Now I seem to be hugely infuenced
by the gracious Mr Broderick's "The Spike" (well I'm here aren't I?), but
I'm always a bit stunned that no-one seems to have read Geoff Ryman's "The
Child Garden". Aside from the very interesting take on posthumanism &
extropian values that the book takes it is one of the most deftly handled SF
novels I've ever read and an intensely moving read. If you can find a copy I
heartily reccommend it. I don't dare describe the plot or the emotional
range of this audacious novel - I frankly could do the work justice. Take a
chance and be amazed.

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