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Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 18:16:58 MST

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> I concur with Lee Daniel Crocker. I'd rather trust someone's subjective
> judgement about post quality when that judgement is free, not when the
> person is trying to enforce something called a "zero tolerance" policy.
> Incidentally, if you really do try a zero tolerance policy on ad hominem,
> half the list posters will be zapped within days.

As someone whose judgment has been called on in the past to address list
governance issues, I'd like to point out one problem with relying on such
judgment: The availability of judges. I know that I couldn't in fairness
call myself a true list moderator, and neither could Max, because we both go
through periods in which we're just too damned busy to do more than quickly
skim the list (I'm going through one now).

I'd LOVE to comment on the jurisprudential points Lee made about prefering
human judgment to mechanical rules, but I don't have time :-)

Greg Burch
Vice President, Extropy Institute

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