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Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 12:42:35 MST

Rafal wrote:

>BTW, what are the current sci-fi titles on your collective reading list? I
>noticed many list-member have very good taste in science fiction. Of my
>own readings I can also warmly recommend Iain Banks, with his "Excession".

Well, I know this topic comes up quite a bit on the extropians list, but it
has been awhile, so I'll pitch in some of my own personal favorite SF
novels. Incidentally, I don't read large amounts of SF, but most of what I
*do* read has come from recommendations by other Extropians...

I'm currently reading Vernor Vinge's _A Fire Upon The Deep_ for the second
time. I forgot how great of a novel it is! My favorites (in a very rough
kind of order) are:

-_Cryptonomicon_ by Neil Stephenson
-_Time Enough For Love_ by Robert Heinlein
-_Neverness_ by David Zindell
-_Ender's Game_ by Orson Scott Card
-_The Songs of Distant Earth_ by Arthur C. Clarke
-_Interface_ by Stephen Bury
-_The Illuminatus! Trilogy_ by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

You can throw _AFUTD_ in there near the top. Generally, my favorite SF
author is Neal Stephenson (_Cryptonomicon_ is one of my "big three" after
_Atlas Shrugged_ and _Godel Escher Bach_), and I haven't read anything of
Zindell or Heinlein that I haven't liked (though some of Heinlein's stuff
does seem a bit frivolous and redundant).

Hopefully I'll get a chance to find some of that Damien Broderick guy's
stuff. I've heard it's pretty heady prose. ;-)

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