Palestine: What is the true story?

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 06:31:02 MST

I seem to recall during some of the recent discussion someone
saying the Oslo agreements gave Palestine ~90% of the land it
was supposed to have.

This was in the NY Times today (by Schmemann):

> Whether Mr. Arafat is perceived as a murderous terrorist, as a national
> liberation leader or as a tiresome pest, no one would seriously deny his
> enormous historical significance as the man who created the Palestinian
> national movement in the 1960's and forced the fate of the Palestinians
> onto the agendas of Israel, the United States, the Arab nations and the
> world. Nor is it possible to belittle the wrenching choices he has made in
> recognizing Israel, signing the Oslo agreements, giving up the Palestinian
> national charter and accepting a fifth of mandated Palestine as his future
> state. So intimate is Mr. Arafat's identification with the entire history
> of the Palestinian cause that the two are sometimes perceived as
> indistinguishable, endowing Mr. Arafat with authority to sign off on the
> fate of millions of Palestinians still living in refugee camps, on the
> borders of a new state and on the explosive issue of sharing Jerusalem.

Note "accepting a fifth of mandated Palestine".

It would be nice if someone woudl do further research and could cite
some accurate sources as to how much of the Israel/Palestine area was
supposed to go to each group.


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