Re: The Cornucopian Fallacies

Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 04:43:47 MST

<<Erlich's follow-up sequel to _Population Bomb_, which he titled _Population
Explosion_ sold even better than the first book, because there were twice as
many people to buy it. That's not to say that he successfully inspired
hysteria... obviously most people have ignored his message (if they ever
of it). A sensible response to irrational overpopulation? The solution is
as an exercise for the student.>>

Ehrlich's work was considered required reading at my high school, by the
science teachers, no less. Because the effects of overpopulation, that
Ehrlich scenario-ed, (read predicted) never came about, support for his
bombast collapsed. As for overpopulation, I suggest the availability of birth
control, coupled (pun?) with an expanding standard of living. The later
requires an investment in technical studies, as well as some business acumen.
The former requires following instructions.

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