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Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 13:24:46 MST

On 2001.12.08, Robert J. Bradbury <> wrote:
> Unless they make the case that the material is going to be able to absorb
> and store the energy from multiple photons (exactly what the photosynthetic
> reaction centers in plants do) they *aren't* going to be able to up the
> efficiency by much. I don't doubt that some point we will be able
> to grab multiple photons, store the energy efficiently, then redirect
> it to split water, but I've got my doubts that it will be a "simple"
> material to develop.

Sometimes, the correct solution is (pick one:) the simplest one,
a simple one, one that is simpler than people would consider.

If the necesary materials to perform this process exist in common
plants, then the challenge becomes building a (nano-?) machine
that's capable of assembling the appropriate structures.

I think the material itself ought to be simple and so should the
process for assembling them. The technology required to execute
the process may still not be here, though ... very exciting to see.

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