Re: FW: Segway safety in the 21st century

From: John Clark (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 10:16:23 MST

Mike Lorrey <> Wrote:

> It's range is 17 miles, at a speed of 8 mph. That is twice the speed of
> a fast walk,

That's a 100% improvement with no effort, pretty good I'd say.

>and not very useful as a commuter vehicle: the average commute today
>is over 25 miles

It's not a replacement for a car it's a replacement for your feet.

>The only concern I have is that you can already go that fast on some
>rollerblades in the same environments

Rollerblading takes skill and time to master, IT is supposed to be effortless,
and I can't picture my grandmother on rollerblades but I can see her on IT.
My concern is not the speed or the range, I think that's fine, I'm not even
too worried about the cost, my concern is the weight, I wish it weighed
less than 65 pounds.

>and get some exercise as well

You almost make that sound like a good thing. For some reason people
just won't walk if they can ride, I've seen people drive up and down a
parking lot for 10 minutes so they can find a place for their car that was
50 feet closer to the entrance of a gym.

>there are already a number of electric scooters and bikes on the market

But they're not pedestrian friendly, you're not supposed to ride them on
sidewalks and when people go to church on Sunday they don't ride them
inside the building. The dream is that all these things will be done with IT.
We'll see.

     John K Clark

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