Re: Fwd: Lanier essay of 2001.12.04

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 09:25:14 MST

Miriam English wrote:
> At 08:19 AM 07/12/2001, Dossy wrote:
> >We all know that there are only two real capitalist driving
> >forces in the economy today: war and porn.
> I am sure you are joking. But just in case you are not... from what I have
> heard entertainment is now the biggest money-earner on the planet. It
> apparently outstripped the military some time back and now the poor
> military folk have to buy much of their technology from the entertainment
> industry. I must say I like the idea of keeping people happy being more
> important than killing them.
> Porn... well, people keep telling me that it is a huge driving force, but I
> haven't really seen much evidence of it. Maybe I have been treading the
> "wrong" paths thru the net all these years. I have come across precious
> little porn.

Porn is entertainment, and in dollar terms, its reasonable to assume
that it's the largest segment of the entertainment industry. I don't
mean this in the way of specific 'nudity and intercourse', but the whole
fact that celebrities are selected most significantly by how attractive
and sexy they are to a given segment of the market. By that definition,
all entertainment is porn.

Not to mention that a majority of the bandwidth of the internet is
consumed by the actual pornography industry.

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