Extropian spin-doctors needed!

From: Chikara (p_chikara@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 14:40:52 MST

There is a weekly reunion every tuesday at 19h00 until the 11th december
2001 at 1867, rue Amherst, Montreal .
Here is my translation:
"The fifth session of the weekly study group organized by the National
Council of the Youth Comission on the future of the province of Quebec under
the theme: " In wich world are we living, in wich world do we want to live?"
The goal of this session is to assist youth, students and activists to
develop their fight to realize their demands and aspirations, for a Quebec
modern and sovereing, in the actual context of the "fight against terrorism"
that have been launched by american imperialism against the "people of the

Tuesday 4 december: the obscurantist division of the world between good and
evil, the civilized countries versus the uncivilized and barbarians.

Tuesday 11th december, ending session:
For a government anti-war. Organized by the National Council for Youth
Comission on the future of the province of Quebec.

For more info
Montreal: (514) 522-1373.
Courriel: avenirjeunesse@yahoo.ca

I don't have much practice in debate and I would like to optimize the
reception of our memes.
How should go at it? don't want to shock them close.
What are the predictable attacks that I will have to destroy in this case?
 Wich online articles would be the pertinent?
Braindump on the list on "the world we want to live" in a short and concise
way, for a warm-up! :)

I hope my post will generate responses that will integrate what's good in
the activist perspective.

Sébastien Chikara

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