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From: David M. McLean (
Date: Sat Dec 01 2001 - 14:56:34 MST

For the record (again), I'm currently un-subbed from the list but
viewing from the Javien & Lucifer sites. Thought I'd butt in on the
other threads and ask y'all about your views on the evolution of music.

Specifically, I'm interested in if extropians view the dominant advances
in music's immediate evolution as coming from theoretical models (much
the way composers like Schoenberg and others radicalized the "serious
music" world during the turn of the last century) or from technological
advances (much the way Ray Kurzweil's K-250 and digital recording
breakthroughs did at the end of the last century). Or will it possibly
be a "hard" combination of the two (like the "chaos" composition
generators & granular synths of today)?

BTW: Off the topic, a quick note to Mr. Broderick. I heard your on-line
radio interview the other day. Pretty cool, all in all - but I'm
wondering why on earth you think Americans all want to "put machine guns
in the hands of teenagers" (or whatever your exact words were)?

David M. McLean
Skinny Devil Music Lab

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