RE: IDENTITY- What it means to be 'me'

From: Louis Newstrom (
Date: Sat Dec 01 2001 - 14:18:05 MST

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> Swap A and B and then see if there is any detectable change in the system.
> That's why I can say with confidence that the message you wrote on your
> computer is the same one I'm reading now. And that's why an exact copy of
> me is me.

So by your argument, there is only one "quarter" in existence, because they
can all be used interchangeably? I don't buy that.

> > In our "copy" paradox
> I see no paradox, unfamiliar things yes because nobody has yet seen and
> exact copy of a person, but no paradox.

I used the wrong word. You are correct. It is not a "paradox", it is a

> You may have blown the creatures brains out but if there is a
> identical copy
> nothing has died.

I disagree. If I vaporize a quarter, I am poorer, even if I DO have another

Louis Newstrom

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