Re: Posthuman Language

From: G.P. (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 01:01:42 MST

Very interesting. I read on the Aymara language and went on to read on
Lojdoj. Despite my previous skepticism I now agree with the majority
of posters in this thread. In present day languages, having to use
tenses forces the speaker to add some clues on whether (s)he refers to
past, present or future circumstances. In the "posthuman languages"
one would also be forced to add clues on the degree of reliability of
statements. I still believe that this is more likely to come from
evolution of current languages than from the invention/adoption of new

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>... Right. And tested.
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>"In 1603, the Jesuit Ludovico Bertonio (Arte de la lengua Aymara) described
>the Aymara language ...


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