Re: terrorism, what is and what should never be

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 02:37:26 MST

"J. R. Molloy" wrote:
> From: "Chris Russo" <>
> > How many
> > billions of dollars and thousands of lives will that cost us?
> The sooner they are wiped out, the less it will cost.

Hey, live is cheap, heh? And which "they" will it be after the
"they" of the moment is wiped out along with all of "they" who
might think that wasn't the best thing to do and those others,
"they" who are also became our declared enemies because we have
become their most dangerous "they"? If you follow this logic
very far the world becomes a very dangerous and most horrible
place pretty quickly.

I vote for a little more expansion of "us" to include more of
"they". And, even before that, I think it is high time to stop
assuming that wiping out those we insist are totally other and
the "evil doers and all their associates" will ever make this
world a better place or one whit safer.

I fought against the "pacifist" word before. Especially as so
many seem to have only negative and limited ideas of what it or
non-violence means. But hey, I think we could use a few more
people who take that on about now. Count me in.

- samantha

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