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Hi all,

Below is the revised version of the list guidelines, effective
immediately. Please take the time to read through them at your soonest


                                                         E. Shaun Russell



Welcome to the Extropians List! This List has hosted innovative discussions
on the Internet continuously since 1991. We welcome innovative discussions
pertaining to scientific, technological, philosophical, artistic, economic,
and social perspectives on the future.

If you are not familiar with extropian thinking, I suggest you read the
posts for a while before you begin to post. You will gain an idea of how
the list works, and see how the range of topics varies from week to week
and month to month. If you read only one document to get an idea of the
attitudes and values shared by extropians despite all their diversity,
please read The Extropian Principles 3.0. You can find this at:

You will find many other essays, including the FAQ at Extropy Institute's
web site at:

Please be aware that the content of the extropians list does not
automatically reflect the philosophy of Extropianism itself. As with most
mailing lists, it reflects opinions on various subjects and the posts
therein should not be viewed as official endorsements of Extropy Institute
or vice versa.

Please carefully read the List Rules below, followed by more information
about the Extropians List.

Max More
President, Extropy Institute
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We have a few rules about how you interact with the list. Your continued
subscription indicates your acceptance of these rules. We do not like rules
for their own sake. The List rules are just those we believe will keep the
level of discussion high and polite.

PERSONAL ATTACKS: We do not allow personal attacks or libelous statements.
Those violating this rule may be removed from the List without
notice. Those guilty of an ad hominem attack (i.e.: attacking the
character of a poster rather than combating the argument the poster
proffers) will be subject to a private warning on a first offense and a
temporary or permanent ban on each subsequent offense. Extropy Institute's
Executive Team will determine the duration of said ban.

If someone attacks your character, insults you, or otherwise violates the
above rule, do NOT retaliate in like manner. Instead, send us a complaint
(to and take the matter off-list.

COPYRIGHT: It is a violation of our Rules and United States law to copy
material from copyrighted sources and post them to the List. Short excerpts
and summaries are fine. Repeated violators of this rule may be unsubscribed
without notice.

ADVERTISING: It is against our rules to advertise or solicit business
without our permission. Many people online do not want to see solicitations
and sales messages when they are trying to read a high-density discussion
list. Certain kinds of solicitation may be permitted, but our permission
must first be obtained. Violation of this rule may result in termination of
your subscription. [Personal professional announcements or discussion of
personal professional activities are appropriate to the list, if they
generally relate to the over-all subject matter discussed there.]

This is a private forum. We reserve the right to unsubscribe anyone at any

Thank you for your cooperation in making the Extropians List a stimulating
and enjoyable forum.

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If you post to the Extropians List, you must anticipate that your writing
might be forwarded to another list or to particular individuals. Postings
will appear in a publicly accessible archive at the following URL: Please be aware that Extropy
Institute does not take responsibility for the use or misuse of posts
addressed to the extropians list.

1) Formal complaints and administrative requests should be sent to:
<> (except sub and unsub requests, which go to

2a) Mail to the list should be sent to:

2b) The software that processes traffic on the list alters the mail headers
so that all correctly working mail readers will automatically address
replies BACK to the LIST. [reply-to:]

2c) If you want to reply to an individual poster you should manually
address a reply. If the post does not have a signature line, viewing the
message in a text editor should help you determine the sender's address.

2d) It is strongly recommended but not required that all list members use a
signature file containing their e-mail address.

3) Due to the volume of list traffic please restrain yourself from
over-quoting previous postsjust a couple of lines to re-cap for those who
weren't paying attention is usually sufficient.

4) Traffic on this mailing list can run quite high. We like to keep
the signal- to-noise ratio as high as we can, so please restrain the
impulse to post "me-too" messages or ad hominem flames to the list at
large. If you cannot resist engaging in such discourse, please do so in
private e-mail.

5) Given the number of subscribers to the extropians mailing list, we
strongly recommend that you restrain yourself to a MAXIMUM of eight posts
per day. Those guilty of exceeding the eight posts per day limit will
receive a private warning. Repeat offenders will be subject to other
measures such as temporary or permanent bans from the list.

6) Posts about the list, or its rules, should have the pre-fix "META:"
We encourage the use of other prefixes indicating the content of a post.
Examples include, PHIL:, MATH:, SCI:, CHAT:, etc.

7) History has proven that some topics, which are occasionally
introduced on the extropians list, have been controversial enough to
provoke long-lasting, heated exchanges. The main topic of controversy in
the recent past has been that of guns and gun rights, though there are
other issues, which have had a similar effect. While it is Extropy
Institute's policy not to ban any topic, new members to this list should be
forewarned as to the potential consequences of posting on this and other
issues. We once again encourage you to read the list for a while prior to

For more information about Extropy Institute activities contact:
Or visit
You can join as a member at

Enjoy the List!
E. Shaun Russell (
List Administrator

David McFadzean (
Electronic Communications Officer

Max More (
President, Extropy Institute

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