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Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 16:53:31 MST

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>Subject: Re: Pre-cryonics service business idea
>Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 17:18:10 -0500
>cryofan <> wrote:
>Another path is funding research leading to the demostartion of
>cryonics viability with a simple animal. If we can show that proof, we
>can argue to the Supreme Ct that preventing the cryonics-suicide of a
>terminally ill cryonicist is tantamount to murder. IMO, this has
>already been shown, but the taboos and ingrained mindsets here in the
>USA prevent people from seeing this.
>### Has cryonics really been shown to be successfull with an animal (except
>for nematodes and similar creatures)?
>I'd be very intersted if you had references.

It has not been done. I am saying that the logical case has already been
built: the vital information is in the brain, and only the brain; the
freezing does not effectively randomize the brain; Liquid nitrogen prevents
randomization of the vital information for a time period sufficient to
develop revivification technology; therefore, cryonics can work.

All the above points have been established to a degree sufficient to say
that preventing a terminally ill patient from committing suicide in order to
improve cryopreservation is indeed tantamount to murder.


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