NEWS: "Embryo Cloning Breakthrough"

From: J Corbally (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 15:19:40 MST

This on the BBC website. Also gets a mention on Sky News (In between
visits to the "War Wall");

>A United States company says it has cloned a human embryo in a
>breakthrough experiment.
>It is the first time anyone has reported successfully carrying out the
>Our intention is not to create cloned human beings, but rather to make
>life-saving therapies for a wide range of human disease conditions
>Robert Lanza, ACT
>The company, Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) is stressing that its aim is
>to use the embryo as a source of stem cells - not to create a human being.

Apparently they can do this as they are privately funded, and so not
subject to the tight restrictions introduced by the Bush Administration.

>"Scientifically, biologically, the entities we are creating are not
>individuals. They're only cellular life. They're not human life," said
>Michael West, ACT chief executive officer.

Doubt the pro-lifers/anti-cloners will see it that way.


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