Re: If we do get Afghanistan, what shall we do with it?

Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 01:07:51 MST

Yes, it is an extremely serious concern. However, the Military of 1945 did
not have effective spy satellites as we possess today, and the analysis
capability, to identify critical targets. A massed army can eliminated with
nuclear strikes, and a dispersed line of invaders can be decimated with high
explosives, such as the daisy cutter. And ultimately, if one was faced with a
large Islamist threat, there are two areas that would induce large-scale
political and psychological disruption-Mecca and Medina. If those two cities
were eliminated, it would "prove" that Allah was on the side of the Kaffirs
and using them to deliver a fatwa on the Muslim peoples.

Even though we have to face our problems I would prefer emphasizing the
"better memes of our nature" and work on clean energy production and matters
of space and time. I am not denying I thinking like a murderous, bastard;
merely that I am happier focusing on happier issues.

<<We should heed those lessons -- a pan-Arabic state stretching from
Algeria to Pakistan with 500+ million people, united under
a single leader (Hitler/Stalin prototype) and/or an interpreted
(irrational) religious unifying force, with atomic weapons
*is* something to be seriously concerned about.


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