Spike makes a good point...

From: John Grigg (starman2100@lycos.com)
Date: Sat Nov 24 2001 - 07:14:08 MST

Spike wrote:
Stop and look at what has happened, friends. Look at what we were
saying about a year ago regarding the Taliban. We went on at length
about what bastards they are, and how we need to overthrow them
with whatever means are at our disposal, even if we need to soil our
hands in order to do it. Read in the archives where we speculated
there must be millions of Afghan intellectuals, gays, rebels, atheists, extropians, and plain old guys who will dance in the streets when the Taliban is crushed.

We were right! We were right all along. The suffering of
the people under the Taliban has been unimaginable. We may never
find out how bad it was, for those who suffered the most have no
voice, and indeed are most likely now dead, slain by the oppressors.

YES!, I also remember the posts made a year ago about the horrors of the Taliban. It is amazing to think about how the tables have turned in such a shocking way since than. Somehow I feel it is a victory for the list in that we were tuned in on how things were there, and now feel even more connected to the liberation of the nation from Taliban oppression.

Now, just maybe we have some kind of special "extropian mojo" here! And what we need to do is refocus it on some other oppressed group. Should we use it on China?

Or if not, how about Utah! It may have to be liberated from the Mormons before the winter olympics happen! Right Greg? LOL! Actually, I hear from Mormon friends that it has already been pretty well corrupted with R-rated movies, caffeinated drinks, and watered down alcohol. But, the Mormons still hold fast in spite of that! ;)

best wishes,


P.S. I had no idea there were millions of Extropian Afghans! I will recognize them when I see a group shouting on the news, "down with Jeremy Rifkin, the luddite devil!"

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