Re: More war stuff

Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 15:52:55 MST

<<Does it occur to you that "pulling the rug from under" anyone's
financed universities that teach anything you do not approve us
is not any of your business?>>


<<Would it not be better to show
ever more clearly that the US has the best and most workable
system as widely as possible and thus undercut any
"anti-American propaganda"? >>

I ain't peddling anything to the Muslims. not democracy, not soap-suds, not
why its smarter to keep their women unvielded.

<<Generally, anyone who wants to
finance their own establishments, especially in foreight
countries, can teach whatever they want - right, wrong or
indifferent. >>

No, they murdered thousands of Americans, and they have messed with the wrong
people. Let them reap the whirl wind.

<<Conservation is probably not a viable answer but I certainly
agree that we need to stop depending on oil for primary energy
as quickly as possible.

<< I hope we can do it on a much more positive spin than fear of
more thousands of Americans dead though.>>

Americans are foolish to have supported such a hostile, bunch of trolls, like
the Wahabbis. They could have helped out your Palistinian buddies, for
example, with their oil billions, and trillions, 53 years ago; but refuse.
They do this largely because of Wahabbi greed, but the Middle Eastern concept
of Muslim "pride", and how "shameful" it was/is to lose a holy struggle
against Kaffirs (non-Muslims). It is also a "pressure" to win all the land
"back" and atone for their losing warsin the first place. You see, I am quite
convinced that the Middle East is messed-up, in the regard. It sucks.

<<Understanding, not condoning, is required if you actually want
to skillfully change a situation. Not understanding is truly
non-extropian if we need to cast labels about. I do not care so
much for others opinions as for doing that which I believe is
required to improve the situation.

- samantha>>

But you have just advocated in your post, that it is not "my business" to
change the situation. I believe I do understand what happens over there, and
how much image and pride are what plays to the Muslim street. Secondly, what
you seem to have suggested, in the past 2 months, serves the political
interests of Osama Bin Landin, the Islamists, Saddam and the Wahabbis.
Because of this, it is no suprise that that the most informed Americans are
often the angriest on this issue, Jon Clark included.

And yes, it will encourage the encapsulation and isolation of Extropians to a
"kook level", were your views to be adopted.

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