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From: Dave Forsey (
Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 11:24:43 MST

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> Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 11:43:21 -0800 (PST)
> From: jeff davis <>
> Subject: Re: List Rules Part 1 (Was: Ad hominem? I think not.)
> I question whether this is, in fact, the consensus. I
> call for a formal poll of the list participants to
> determine what the consensus is, and, more broadly, I
> Shaun, cmon, the disclaimer is irrelevant. I would
> guess that people come to the list, check out the
> discussion, and, right or wrong, draw a conclusion
> about 'extropians' and the Extropy Institute. Loss of
> reputation is real. It is serious, it is substantive,
> and it is difficult to assess. Paul Hughes, having
> reached his limit, quit the list sometime back,
> reporting that his friends viewed the extropians as a
> bunch of fascists. How many others have similarly
> come and gone, invisibly?

  Here's a datapoint for your poll. I've lurked for a few
  months now and my general impression is that the list is
  populated by techno-religious ideologues. "Facist" is
  stretching it a bit, but the mindset is definitely parochial.

  I joined the list to learn a bit more about extropians
  and it's only because of the digest format that lets
  me junk 90% of the postings that I'm still here.
  Sturgeon's Law works for mailing lists as well.
  (for a techno-savy group, it's odd that the digest
  doesn't have topics summary header).
  To complete the datapoint: I've been working
  with computers since 1978, eventually ending up as
  a professor specializing in graphics then moving
  to industry to commercialize my research.


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