Re: More war stuff

Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 02:33:45 MST

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<<The problem is I understand better than you what you have written.

         John K Clark>>

I don't think that many of those hostile to America, in the world, really
comprehend the level of determination, that American's feel in eliminating
those that attacked us. Their apparent hope, that the US will shrug-off 4000
dead is fictional.

 My contention is that many of the Middle Eastern societies were "messed-up"
before the US was ever heard of, and they are messed up now. I believe they
have pissed-off the wrong people. I feel no nationalist rage here, only an
awareness that many Middle Easterners values are what is behind their own
misery, poverty, inequalities, and injustices; but they use America as a

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