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From: Curious (
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 19:14:03 MST

> Uh, no. Ever heard of feedback effects? Compound interest? The claims

why doubt?
i live in area very sensitive to climate changes (near mountains)
my grandma often says that when she lived, winters were _really_ frosty
while we have now some of -10 -20 celsius notes in past years, when she
-30 happened, and _whole_ winter was cold.
ofcourse when scientists started to worry about it it was too late... now we
warmer and warmer winter each year... sometimes we have no snow at all, like
in past times _whole_ winter was frosty. whole.
ofcourse it is better for enviroment now, because we don't use so much
fossil fuels to
warm our apartaments. indeed our ghetto switched to ecological 6MW heat
(we can't transfer energy over power lines because of taxation, so we use
steam and converters)
while previous engine was ran on black coal.
also wegetative cycle increased.
on the other hand summer is very hot.

i am curious - will global warming induce 'latch' effect... i mean,
when it will cross certain point it can dramatically change microclimates,
afterall more energy is cumulated... even small temperature rise may abolish
homeostase of
we have problems with insects when winter fails to come. usually many
insects die during strong colds.
this caused real plague of a kind of (chrabaszcz - dunno how it shold be in
near my house few years ago.
more insects - more birds.
this was beautiful phenomenon... but...
more birds - more cats.
we have 'sentinel' on each streetcorner now.
i did not any research on what can be next (probably humans will start to
eat cats
when hunger will increase)
when commet arrived i watched it from road near my house, wondering how to
catch it and bring to earth,
will such behaviour be safe (will not cause change in homeostase of our
gravitational system)
and wondered to who comet _belong_ - the man who predicted it will come? or
to one who'll be able to catch it?
surely can contain valuable information...
and then a cat came on my left (sat and started observing the sky) -
obviously i realised that cats can see more
stars than any human can do.
after a while i saw a ferret(or similar) - on my right, also starring at the
i smoked a joint to stay there for a while, but comet was only a comet for
me, so i went back to my house.

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