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>Subject: XCOR Aerospace - world's first private rocket-plane flies at
> Mojave!
>I attended the rollout of the XCOR EZ-Rocket yesterday in Mojave,
>CA. The EZ-Rocket is a demonstrator testbed aircraft powered entirely by
>XCOR's 400lb thrust liquid fueled rocket engines which the company has
>developed for air and space vehicle applications using private funding
>(um, that's my part...)
>XCOR is a 10 person company in Mojave that's building rocket powered air
>and space craft as a startup. I'm their first investor and a member of
>the Board of Directors. I'm pretty proud of these guys for getting this
>entire vehicle built and flown for around $400K. (We call this Cheaper,
>Better, Faster *and* Right Now...)
>I figure some persons on IP might be interested in this stuff as a change
>from the 3 A's: Afghanistan, Anthrax and Ashcroft....
>A short video story that appeared on KABC Channel 7 Los Angeles yesterday
>(and was relayed on FOX today apparently):
>PC Users:
>Macintosh Users:
>Some other print stories:
>The LA Daily news article:
>Also the full AP article:
>Photos from AP are here:
>Company website is at www.xcor.com
>Joseph C. Pistritto Cell: 650 464 4859
>jcp@jcphome.com Web: www.jcphome.com

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