Re: Public Lectures of the DPS Mtg 2001

From: John Grigg (
Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 23:32:26 MST

Natasha wrote:
We were in Arizona (just outside Phoenix) and caught the last hours
before sunrise. Max and I were bundled up in blankets, and our
friends and children were snuggled up and horizontal on the trampoline.
On a tree near by, an owl close by who was "Ooohh"'ing and "Whooo"ing along with us -:)

Now, that sounds really nice! I was watching videos with friends when the meteor shower came by. But, only my cigarette addicted friend actually saw the meteors! He would go upstairs/outside for a smoke break and see them. He would yell for the rest of us to come out and take a look. But, we could never get ouside in time! So, I guess his smoking habit did have some advantage for him, because he saw the meteors while his nonsmoking friends did not.

I'm not saying this gives any sort of reproductive advantage, though. He could also on a smoke break witness a mafia rubout(no witnesses allowed), or get trampled by a moose. But, he got lucky this time.

best wishes,


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