Re: The US Are Talking To You

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 09:28:32 MST

Curious wrote:
> > These feelings have some good reasons (some of the interventions
> > mentionned here these days, etc.), and some bad reasons (false
> > representations, jealousy, blaming your misfortunes on someone else
> > and escaping your responsability, etc.)
> >
> > I think the resentment is bad, not (only) because it is so sad for the
> > US to be misunderstood, but because it allows leaders in those
> > countries to bring their countries in destructive and
> > auto-destructive directions.
> for sure europe is against :
> 1)restrictions in freedom - especially internet freedom, freedom of speech, and cognitive freedom
> america is totalitarian country, so it is not strange that EU contries help afghanistan - US have their enemy,
> and gives time for EU - they can arm, they can watch us spies in EU more carefully.

Courious, I find this a rather curious statement. It is, after all,
France and Germany who sued eBay to prevent independent individuals from
selling Nazi memorabilia on the internet. It is also european nations
who are leading the way against private use of encryption and internet
privacy. France decries the Echelon project while concurrently spending
more money spying on the US than any other intelligence service in the

We also trust our citizens with more power than any european nation
does, with the possible exception of Switzerland.

> i live in poland, where american WOD just began.. i is interesting that ppl not want any WOD.
> they try to minimise costs of such war, they boicotted the elections this year,
> anarchy is on rise now.
> and - yes - many blame USA for this - especiallty Wolrd Trade Center organisation.

Let me get this straight: you say that anarchist groups, which are
funded primarily by communist parties and an eastern european mafia
known as 'the 5th' which is manned by former KGB and other communist
intel/ops people and gets its funds from the opium/heroin trade from
Afghanistan to europe and the US, are entirely the fault of the WTO and
the US's War on Drugs?

> so i think whole world is against USA, after discovering neurochemistry which makes WOD just a economical
> task. USA imprisoned so many INTELLIGENT NONVIOLENT ppl while doing WOD that the WW3 will end when
> goverement of USA will be directed to PSYCHIATRIC WARD - diagnosis? paranoid schizophrenia.

While the US has imprisoned a lot of nonviolent drug users, there are
plenty of rather violent drug dealers and drug users sitting in prison
as well. At least 3/4 of the crime rate in the US is due to the poverty
created by drug use.

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