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  <<But Tipler's explanation is to say that black holes won't evaporate,
      because the universe won't last long enough. In fact he says that the
      universe MUST be of finite duration otherwise black holes would
      which would violate our current understanding of the laws of physics.>>

Tipler's point is that that completely evaporative blackhole, does violate
the quantum and classical principle of unitarity. His contention is that
quantum mechanics is physics as we know it to be, why extend general
relativity like Hawking does, to support the "physics" of information

On the other hand, the business of theoretical physics is to extend and even
speculate on what might be going on, or what is possible. Tipler' and
Barrow's other contention is that in a universe that contains intelligent
life, must eventually produce an intelligence, to manipulate space-time to
cause a bi-directional collapse to an Omega Point, utilizing the higgs-shear
"effect" to continue life onward, into the eternal future. This is the
essence of speculation, yet it does make a kind of sense, since even Jupiter
Brains or Great Attractor Brains would (I guess) not favor their own

As Dr. Finney indicated, Tipler's theory is not the essence of logic, but it
is rational and, I am sure, subject to alteration as the eons move forward.
There are certainly other theories and theorists who will have their say in
these matters.

I sometimes find myself favoring the notion of a superciviliation or a
Supermind, creating FTL links the accelerating universe together, in a
manner that avoids receding horizons, and connects Mind in a Dysonian
fashion. There are optimally different, but related views, such as :

Eternal Inflation, Black Holes, and the Future of Civilizations;
Garriga,Mukhanov,Olum and Vilenkin

Mining Energy from a Black Hole; Frolov, Fursaev

<<It's interesting now that the evidence seems strong for an open universe>>
On this account, the theorists seem to be leading toward a varied cosmos
which can accelerate or contract, in a rather, hap-hazzard fashion.

see: Do SNe (super nova experiments) Provide Evidence for Past Deceleration
of the Universe?; Turner, Riess

-Or a grande Tiplerian finish with-
The Eventual Quintessential Collapse of the Closed Universe with the Present
Accelerative Phase; De-Hail Zhang

One of the more interesting astronomers (dysonian) is Paolo Zizzi
The Early Universe as a Quantum Growing Network
Ultmate Internets

At any rate I agree with Kurzweil's statement at the end of "..Spirtual
Machines.." where he inicates that whatever the forces of the natural
universe are extent, intelligence will end up controlling it.

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