Re: Personality types (was: uncontrollable suffering)

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Date: Fri Nov 16 2001 - 07:26:12 MST

> The drug-taking artist is a cliché just as the moody artist; there are
> plenty of examples, but also many artists who neither have emotional
> problems or use chemicals. Compared to (say) journalists artists are
> quite temperate. That said, quite a few people with neurochemical
> imbalances do self-medicate - by trial and error they find drugs that
> produce a manageable mindstate (this is why so many schizophrenics
> smoke). And I think people do self-medication to maximize their mental
> abilities too - alcohol can in the right dosage and at the right time
> improve the creative process (at least the incubation phase of it).


> I'm curious about your claim about quantum precision phase shifters -
> do you have any support for this claim? In my field, computational
> neuroscience, the battle is still raging about how much is spike timing
> and frequency coding. But not even the spike camp claims the spikes are
> *that* well timed.

therse codes are used, but rather for perception devices.
fast predictions done in cortex are done that way - neurotransmitters're put
by imagination, the frequency of spikes represents signal significance (time
or priority, which is easy to check thru EEG (with electrode inside head) or
MRI (realtime rather than scan)
i it was described in Zernicki's book about neurology in about 1977 (date
may be wrong)

learning of new behaviour is depent on chemical (axon will grow only where
certain substance exists,
so this is why we 'getting around' somthing untl we finnaly 'catch it' (this
is - one full loop - the axion is reaching
proper neruotransmitter at proper autosopher branch)

perception lies on phase-detecting. i.e. in visual cortex autosopher
oragnises neurotransmitters around
certain object viewed on retina and decoded into lines and geometric shapes
by first visual cortex.
but the consiousness process will use only 'fastest' - most apropriate -
path, while all others will cause
signal to be decoded a little longer (so - more likely with errors -
checksum is on chemicals, and 'backprop'
is electrical).
i.e. you have a circle on the input, so neurotransmitters will choose
'circles' and backpropagation 'probes'
which autosopher is correct (the shortest way signal arrives - the more
likely it will be truth)
so if representations of circle in lines shown in projecting cortex will
match circle - the fastest 'feedback' will be
reached from 'circle circuit representation', next - oval, next - square,
and so on.

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