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Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 03:14:39 MST

On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 06:34:41PM -0800, J. R. Molloy wrote:
> From: "Anders Sandberg" <>
> > A transhumanist
> > concept of what it means to be a human (and hence trans- and posthuman)
> > would need to deal with these issues.
> Not necessarily, because those are human issues, and transhumans may transcend
> them.

Human may transcend these issues in the same way a spacecraft can
transcend aerodynamics by getting into the vacuum of space. But to
get there, you have to get through the atmosphere - and then
aerodynamics matters a lot. In the same way these humanist issues
matter a lot to our striving to become trans- and posthuman, and
ignoring them is like ignoring aerodynamics while building a space

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