Re: Personality types (was: uncontrollable suffering)

Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 15:17:54 MST

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From: Anders Sandberg

>In any case, there are obviously plenty of great artists who aren't
depressive in any way. So depression doesn't seem to be necessary for
art. Maybe it helps by providing wrenching dark hues to the composition.<

I was surprised reading a comment that "struggling" and "artist" have some sort of mutually exclusive relationship. -:) The mythic silliness that started this rumor has been put to rest, at least in our community by the Transhumanist Art Statement and, later, the Extropic Art Manifesto.

This is also the sentiment in other culturally intelligent communities. It's only the romantically inclined that needs to find some poetic sentiment in the poor unhappy artist tittle-tattle. I have no sympathy for an artist who needs to suffer for his work. I relish with great compassion an artist who overcomes odds in his work.

Please, let's not return the old-world romantic notion that artists, or any creative person, needs to struggle to be expressive. Hog Wash!

Natasha Vita-More

Founder Transhumanist Arts
Extropic Art Movement

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