FW: IBM's Blue Sky "Self-Sufficient" Computer

From: Curious (curious@hyperreal.pl)
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 04:18:07 MST

> We shouldn't get carried away because we have gotten machines
> up to the point where they are aware of "internal" pain and
> learn to live with it. We will be making progress when they
> learn behaviors that predict its probability and develop
> behaviors that avoid its development.
> Robert

build your own machine.
i am focusing on eZ80, single chip architectures like PIC
and modular robotics for effector/perceptron and
i would like to build or find mass-manufacturer of cheap autosophers.

sure it will not be independent for many yeas, but it will be.
it already controlls humans and their thoughts, even if you'll not believe in it.

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