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Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 09:47:14 MST

Read the piece"Al-Qaida's Endgame? by Decision Support Systems
and after giving some thought as to how a terrorist would most efficiently
wreck havoc especially if they have nuclear weapons....

-America depends on foreign oil
-A terrorist from the middle east would not want to destroy their own oil
producing capacity only disable the ability of the USA to use it to support
their economy.
-Each attack to have the most effectiveness should be both catastrophic in
terms of economic destruction and human life as well as not a repeat of
previous ones (for most surprise/fear/terror effect).
-Let's for discussion purposes assume that nuclear weapons are in the
terrorists possession.

What if several oil tankers are surreptitiosly fitted with warheads.
What if the origin is not important
What if several tanker nukes are similtaneously at several USA port
refineries, close enough to the actual refinery so that a blast would level
the refinery, as well as decimate the surrounding city.
-If I were to invoke such a senario it might most likely happen when the
heaviest petrochemical use occurs... early to mid winter.

So if I were looking for another attack on the USA it would be between
Christmas and New year (the real start of the new millenium) and I would look
for unusual methods of delivery such as oil tankers?????

"Alex F. Bokov" wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > Thirdly: adopt our own network system. In the US Constitution, the
> > president is empowered (as are the governors of many US states) to issue
> > Letters of Marque to private individuals (privateers) to engage in
> > action against enemy commerce independent of government oversight or
> > command. Revive this to license independent mercenary companies that
> > will attack enemy targets as identified, with public bounties
> > established to receive donations from private citizens.
> Hoo-ya!!!!! I can see it now, the Bronx and Brooklyn Companies of the
> NYC Volunteers landing on the outskirts of Kabul to bust a cap in Pig
> Rottin's ass. Talk about urban warfare... these homeboys know urban
> warfare. And they get to keep any opium they 'confiscate'.
> Along the lines of judo warfare you suggested, Mike, remember the
> rumors about decoy Pig Rottins zipping around Afghanistan in identical
> SUVs? Combine that with Taliban's presumably shitty long-range
> communications, and you have the perfect insertion tool for our
> special forces. Pretty soon you'll have the Talibs conditioned to
> shoot at SUVs first and ask questions later.
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