Re: Al Qaida's master plan

From: John Clark (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 22:08:33 MST

>The 'network of networks' known as Al-Qaida has successfully laid a trap
>for the United States. [...] The intention of the terror attacks is a provocation to
>force the U.S. to engage and deploy forces to the Middle East, where such
>forces could be destroyed

If that was the idea things don't seem to be going as Al-Qaida planed. After their
"strategic withdrawal" from Mazar -i Sharif the and the capture of two airbases if seems
likely that the number of air strikes will quadruple in the near future. As for destabilizing the
region politically, there was a lot of sound and fury in the streets of Pakistan but it may
not signify much. On the very day a general strike was called the leader of that country felt
confident enough to visit New York City of all places and shake hands with the leader of
The Great Satan. He figured, correctly as it turned out, that the general strike would be a flop.

        John K Clark

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