Re: War Support Ebbs (almost a rant)

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 03:40:21 MST

jeff davis, Sat Nov 10, 2001:
(regarding media portrayals)
>I didn't personally read the Serbian
> press, but I can guess with a pretty high degree of
> confidence that it reported the Serbians as the good
>guys and the Albanians as the bad guys.

very very VERY complicated story. It was/IS not even this
black and white or reverse black and white.

You'd have to know their history and talk with the Greeks and Serbians
and many of the other ethnic groups around Serbia to know more of the truth.
There were heinous acts committed on all sides (which NATO acted
in one way, not understanding the complexities), and the Albanians
in that situation were not "clean" or "only victims" either.

I hope you are seeing that it's important to take the time (and
give respect) to understand other cultures and their history.
It not only is personally important (IMO) but our survival as
a species depends on it too.


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