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From: Alex F. Bokov (
Date: Sat Nov 10 2001 - 23:24:30 MST

It may be true that Jorn Barger, of the Robowisdom weblog, treads
rather closely to outright apologism for Islamofascists. You can also
see for yourself that every single day he posts three or four pictures
with captions like "cute refugee kids maimed/starved due to heartless
US/Israeli oppression" but the website continues to elude his
attention even though they also have pictures-- of women and children
the Talibastards have *deliberately* maimed/starved/raped. Finally,
one could make a case for his criticism of Israel going beyond a
factual, rational disagreement with that government's policy and into
all-out kneejerk hatred of all things Israeli or Jewish and a kneejerk
love of anybody who's against them.

Notwithstanding his biases, however, he is a good source of dirt on
what our naughty intelligence boys have been doing. He has compiled
some of his references into a timeline:

This way, as an enlightened patriot, you can be familiar with the
fuckups of our spooks and correct the naive, unenlightened patriots
when they blindly mouth Bush's "We are good, they are bad" mantra
(terrorists are bad, big imperialists governments are bad, we need to
clean up our act, but first we need to fight our way out of the mess
we got ourselves into). You'll also not be surprised by any curves
lefties will throw at you (I'm with you, comrade-- let us get rid of
this oppressive state once and for all, and let the people rule... by
freely entering into contracts and transactions amongst themselves).

* I believe that the majority of the world's Muslims are good,      *
* honorable people. If you are a Muslim and want to reassure me and *
* others that you are part of this good, honorable majority, all    *
* you need to say are nine simple words: "I OPPOSE the Wahhabi cult *
* and its Jihad."                                                   *

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