Re: War Support Ebbs

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 15:41:37 MST

>And people wonder why America goes it "alone" on foreign policy?

Because the Europeans are so close to war from their past history,
that going near it makes them sick. Because the Europeans don't have
the power that the Empire of the United States government has. Do you
have any idea of the power that the U.S. has? They wiggle their little
finger and things fall.

However, the U.S. government and citizens doesn't have experience, or
knowledge to handle messes like this in a way where the problem could
be solved. In a comon "can-do" American attitude, the government and
folks think that they can solve the world's problems, they don't have
an understanding of the history, of the the volatile mix of cultures,
and more often than not, the U.S. government makes it
worse. (Especially considering that the U.S. government had a large
role in the cause of some of the biggest problems)

It is a tinderbox in the Afghanistan, the rest of the Middle East and
in the Balkans. It's going to blow up in everyone's face if the
U.S. government continues (I say 'everyone' rather than 'your',
because the U.S. government will drag the other countries along).
That is a mess that will take decades to 'clean up', and certainly not
with the current 'mop' that the U.S. is using.

If you don't think that what you're dealing with is a big problem,
then please study some history of that area over the last 50-700



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