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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 14:19:33 MST

>From: Amara Graps <>

>While you are congratulating yourselves on how the American
>government has every right to continue its current path ...

I don't think anyone's congratulating themselves on the U.S. once
again having to roll up it's sleeves and go after another bad guy.

It's a miserable thankless job that has to be done is all.

>I would like to point out that there are meters and meters of
>blood underneath the soil here in Europe, and Europeans do *not*
>want a World War III. And this is what they see the current
>American path leading to. I don't think that many Americans have
>a deep understanding of this fact of the pools of blood here.
>There will come a point, in the not-to-near-future when the
>Europeans say "I'm sorry, we won't help you fight your war."

Have people over there suddenly gone goofy? Plenty of that blood is
American! Find me a European who thinks they could have gotten out
of WW II without us.

They don't have to join us, we'll clean the toilet ourselves.

>Of course, Europe is not as strong as America, and there's going
>to be a lot of negotiating in the European politicians card-hands
>to see what possible things they can do to stop the destructive
>path that the U.S. government is following.

Excuse me, thousands of our people were murdered in cold blood.

We'll take care of it.

Maybe they can sign treaties with Bin Laden like they tried to do
just before WW II. Yeah placate! That's the answer.

>The U.S. government (and other western governments) has created
>some real messes in the world, and Afghanistan and the Middle East
>is a biggie. One of the nice things about America, is the
>politicians *do* listen, to some extent, to what the U.S. public
>has to say there (witness Vietnam).

We didn't create either Afghanistan nor the middle east mess,
although we've made some bad moves in the region.

But that doesn't justify what happened, and we're not going to stop
till those responsible pay the price.

>I could offer suggestions here, but I think I'll stop for the
>moment. This issue issue makes me exhausted and very upset.

Intelligent suggestions are always welcome.


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