Re: Non-sensory experiences

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 12:11:31 MST

> Apply Occam's Razor rather like this: We can explain "Non-sensory experiences"
> and ghosts, etc., by simply recognizing and acknowledging that people do in
> fact hallucinate...

Hallucinations are sensory. And why do you bring up irrelevant mystical
nonsense like ghosts? That's not what we're talking about here. Perhaps
I'm missing the context of some original source for the phrase? I am
merely responding to the posts here on this list that the words
"non-sensory experience" are oxymoronic by pointing out that they
aren't. That in no way implies that I approve of every use of that
phrase by mystics any more than I approve of the use of terms like
"quantum coherence" by new-age crackpots.

> No examples of black holes? Check this out:
> One black hole that has been detected was the black hole in the giant galaxy
> M87. This galaxy is a dense and violent place. This photograph taken in 1994
> by the Hubble Space Telescope shows a disk of hot gas was orbiting at the
> center of this massive galaxy. The disk is located at the lower left corner of
> the picture. Observations show a central density so high that the only object
> it could be is a black hole.

Thanks. I feared my example was out of date by now.

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