Re: War Support Ebbs

Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 12:08:32 MST

1. we can smash enough of them to intimidate them so they can't attack us on
   American soil.

2. The other countries are indeed meddling in American affairs by looking the
    way, while their citizens in terror groups set up the financing and
arrying out of
    attacks against Americans.

This is what has actually occured. This is not conjecture. The USA is a big
power that is justifiably angry at what has happended, and undoubtably will
happen again unless we dispaly the political will to change things that other
counties lack the will to do and don't care. Being viewed as the "nice guy"
does us no good, if our people are getting murdered.

<<1. Find the person(s) responsible for the Sept 11 atrocity and kill

2. Give up on breaking terrorists. There are too many and they hate
Eventually they'll die. Maybe they might kill each other.

3. Stop meddling in other countries' governments. (Maybe then, fewer
terrorists will hate Americans, and maybe fewer foreigners will be
annoyed at Americans).

4. Let people in other countries find what's appropriate for their own
culture, make their own mistakes, and so on. If they ask for your help,
then give it to them, if you can, and preferably, not with the help of
the government.

4. Practice respect for people, places, and cultures outside
of the U.S. borders.


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