Extro-6 and the ALCOR Conference...

From: John Grigg (starman2100@lycos.com)
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 18:05:11 MST

It just occurred to me that Extro-6 is planned to be only two months before the ALCOR Conference, which will be in December of 2002. At least for some people, this could be a problem. I know for me it will be, since due to the distances involved, and finances, I will only be able to attend one conference. Deciding which one will be very hard for me.

One possibility is to actually reschedule Extro-6 to be a two weekend's in a row double-feature with the ALCOR conference! I could find a way to manage that. And think of the synergistic energy created by such a cross-pollination of ideas and people.

Trying to decide which conference to attend could cause me to have a nervous breakdown. lol I might have to become a itinerant cryonicist(play Kung-Fu theme music in background).

best wishes,


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