ROBOT: wearable self propelled robotic suit

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Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 12:00:07 MST

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>To be a member of the US Special Forces you need to be a crack
>soldier with superior physical and mental abilities. But that's
>today. Tomorrow's soldier will have to be superhuman - to be able
>to jog along effortlessly at 13 kilometres per hour carrying a
>70-kilogram load for 12 hours at a stretch. For anyone wearing the
>right clothes, however, this shouldn't prove too much of a
>problem. In just four years, and with $50 million, the Pentagon
>plans to create a wearable, self-propelled robotic suit that
>responds to - and amplifies - your every movement. By simply
>strapping themselves into this "exoskeleton", troops will be able
>to run faster, jump higher, leap further, and carry awesome
>amounts of high-calibre weaponry. We take a look at the "garment"
>that as well as turning your average GI into a heavyweight
>fighting machine, could also revolutionise the lives of disabled
>people and those working as firefighters or in construction,
>mining and heavy industries.

I remember an article about something like this about 30 years ago
in popular science or popular mechanics, and of course it's word
for word out of Heinlein's "Starship Troopers".


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