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Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 07:46:45 MST

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> From: J. R. Molloy []
> > That particular cognitive incident is accompanied by
> > feelings, which I conjecture are generated by the ENS, and
> > these feelings comprise the experience. Without the sensory
> > input of gut feelings, the frustration, irritation,
> > annoyance, etc., which comprise the emotional event, no
> > experience ensues.
> Emotional events are sensory inputs?

Yes, gut feelings constitute sensory inputs to the brain.

> Suppose I'm mulling over two
> concepts in my head -- very abstract concepts like, say, government and
> freedom, which are themselves difficult to map back to any sensory
> input. Suddenly I realize a novel interrelationship between the two and
> experience that wonderful "eureka!" feeling. Given the definition of
> sensory you've provided, which sense organ is associated with the
> experience?

Although the brain registers it, that wonderful feeling (note that it is a
*feeling* rather than a concept) has its origin somewhere outside the brain
(which is incapable of any feeling -- that's why it's not necessary to
anesthetize the brain itself during surgery), and for this reason, I
conjecture that the feeling originates in the ENS.

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